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I am looking very forward to the Maponya Mall reading programme tomorrow! It’s going to be a wonderful learning experience as well as a great opportunity to give back to the community!

I hope a lot of kids show up!

I have decided to read this book:


A Fly Went By – By Mike McClintock from the Dr Seuss collection. It’s a marvelous book filled with rhymes and short phrases and I really love the story! I definitely think the kids will enjoy it and it will enhance their phonological awareness because it is so rife with rimes and alliteration!

I hope you enjoy the day tomorrow and stay excellent!





Hi team!

I have posted the three books I am going to be reading at the Maponya Mall reading programme.

I have chosen these books because they are child friendly and easy to relate to. They also contain fun illustrations and each book has a unique and appropriate story!



My third book (Rene)

I Don’t Want to go to Hospital!

My second book (Rene)

It’s a George thing!

My first book (Rene)

Princess Poppy – Friends Together

Image I thought about using this book at the Maponya mall service learning experience on Saterday, would love to hear your opinions?


Hey guys, this is one of the books I am thinking of reading at the Maponya Mall service learning programme on Saturday, what do you guys think? And what books are you thinking of reading?