The Dursley’s

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


Vernon Dursley 
Harry’s rich uncle, with whom Harry lives for ten miserable years. It is through Mr. Dursley’s jaded Muggle eyes that we first glimpse wizards, and his closed-mindedness toward the colorful cloaks and literate cats that he meets emphasizes how different the human and wizard worlds are.
Petunia Dursley 
Mr. Dursley’s wife. Petunia is an overly protective mother to her spoiled son, Dudley, and a prison-keeper to Harry. She is snobbish and excessively concerned with what the neighbors think of her family. She is somewhat humanized for us when we discover that she was always jealous of the magical gifts of her sister, Lily, Harry’s witch mother. Perhaps her hatred toward Harry springs from an earlier resentment of her sister.
Dudley Dursley 
Harry’s cousin, a spoiled, fat bully. Annoying and loud, Dudley manipulates his parents to get what he wants. Dudley’s tormenting of Harry foreshadows Malfoy’s later bullying tendencies at Hogwarts, though he is less gifted than Malfoy.

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