Our experiences while working in a book club

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Service learning and book club

The first thing we learnt while working in a book club is that it can be quite difficult to work in a group and even the best of friends don’t always get along. Even though we are all good friends we argued a lot and struggled to come to a common understanding at times. When we first heard about the blog we formed a book club that consisted of seven members, however we soon realised that we had too many irreconcilable differences so we split our group up.

We think that this was a very important lesson to learn, particularly because we are going to be teacher’s one day and will be working with people that we don’t get along with often. Through this experience we also learnt how to deal with conflict and compromise to suite everyone in the group, and we think our blog turned out great and was truly a group-effort!

While working in a book club we also learnt that social media can be a fantastic way to communicate online and share ideas and get the opinions of others. We also shared our blog with a lot of people and found that it can be a great way to show others what we are doing.

The thing we most disliked about our interactions in the book club was finding time in our busy schedules to get together and discuss our books etc. However we soon realised that we can communicate directly on the blog so it turned out to be quite positive. We also had some difficulties actually creating a blog and getting it up and running, but once we created it and it all came together we had a lot of fun designing it and posting things.

Overall it was a great learning experience and we managed to overcome all our difficulties and we are very proud of the end result!

  1. Tlana says:

    I am personally very proud to be part of this group, my fellow members often taught me more about sacrifice and respect than what I expected this project would. I found that working together, listening and communication plays a big role in achieving success- in a group, in a workplace as well as in life.

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