Maponya Mall reading programme (Posted by Dean)

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Books we read at Maponya Mall, Service learning and book club

I am looking very forward to the Maponya Mall reading programme tomorrow! It’s going to be a wonderful learning experience as well as a great opportunity to give back to the community!

I hope a lot of kids show up!

I have decided to read this book:


A Fly Went By – By Mike McClintock from the Dr Seuss collection. It’s a marvelous book filled with rhymes and short phrases and I really love the story! I definitely think the kids will enjoy it and it will enhance their phonological awareness because it is so rife with rimes and alliteration!

I hope you enjoy the day tomorrow and stay excellent!




  1. Tlana says:

    I was so proud in seeing the outcome of the reading program at Maponya Mall yesterday.
    I truely had alot of fun and hope to experience such positive service learning again. Thank you to my group for making everything go as planned and the support throughout the process.

    • René says:

      Hello fellow group mates! Yes Tlana I concur it was a huge oppertunity to get some experience and read to children.

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